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Thread: intermittent lamp flash

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    intermittent lamp flash

    I have been getting an intermittent lamp flash in kitchen lights. system has been fine for a real long time with led lamps installed as always. Correct lamps for the switches and all of a sudden lights went into a flicker routine. Lights are controlled on a three way system. My wife had this happen while I was at work one day and she was able to get it to stop by just turning lights on from the caseta switch and then the three way on opposite side of room. So far no issues, but was wondering if anyone else ran into this.

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    Yeah Same problem if anyone is facing the same problem then let me know.

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    The only times I've had this issue were:
    1) when I had CFLs in one of the sockets
    2) When I had multiple types/brands of LEDs in spot lights. Once I switched to all the same brand, this stopped.

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    i have had this problem a few times. i always fix it with a pro dimmer that has a neutral or the luton mlc

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