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Thread: PD-6ANS and Mechanical not working

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    PD-6ANS and Mechanical not working

    I’ve seen other theeads but have not been able find any solutions, so here goes.

    I installed a PD-6ANS to replace a three-way switch, according to the instructions. I’ve double and tripple checked the wiring to be sure that I connected the switch to the correct wires. I also modified the connection to the mechanical switch on the other end as per the instructions. I’ve also double and tripple checked this. The wiring is correct.

    I was able to connect the switch to the bridge and it shows up on the app. The green LED comes on when I hit the on button and off when I hit the off button. It also responds correctly when I use the mechanical switch and everything syncs up on the app, but the lights won’t come on.

    The bulbs are all CFL bulbs and they are all good. Has anyone resolved this?

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    You may need the MLC that came with the switch.

    I know you triple-checked the wiring but it sounds like the switch can't see the load.
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