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Thread: Need help with 2001 Homework system and LED bulbs

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    Need help with 2001 Homework system and LED bulbs

    This is maddening. I purchased a system and am told it wasn't meant to be used with LED. I'm hoping someone here has figured out how to make this thing work with modern LED bulbs.

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    What system? Homeworks original? What devices?

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    Would be happy to help. Add to Paulie info, also need type of bulbs, brand, how many bulbs on a string.
    IE. MR16, Phillips, 4 bulbs
    Par30, ?, 3 bulbs

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    2001 would most likely have been HomeWorks Illumination but it could be HomeWorks original. If you have panel based controls, they will have a neutral connection so the minimum load will be around 10 watts. You will need forward phase/leading edge LEDs to work with them. They are typically listed as "dimmable with incandescent dimmers." Not all LEDs are created equal. I have had a success with Cree and the EcoSmart (Home Depot store brand).

    In-wall dimmers are not likely to have a neutral connection so the minimum load is going to be 50-60 watts. That's going to be hard to achieve with LEDs only. These will also need to be forward phase/leading edge.
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    I have an HRD-6ND Maestro controlling a bunch of ceiling halogen floods. I am looking at replacing them one-by-one with Cree PAR30L-75W-P1-27K-25NF-E26-U1 LED floods. I cannot figure out from the description if these are forward phase/leading edge LEDs. I looked at Cree's compatibility sheet but of course my stuff is way too old. Does anyone have some insight here?Thanks,PaulP.S. Hi Randy, still running my H-RFP-2P!

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    Hello TheOldMan,Unfortunately the Lutron Homeworks Illumination system and it's components like the HRD-6ND are not rated for LED lighting loads and instead only incandescent/halogen. The best recommendation we could provide would be to contact your local Lutron representative by utilizing our online tool @ where they can assist with identifying the best upgrade options to a system/components that are rated for the type of lighting loads you are looking to utilize.Hope this info helps! -JustinF.

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