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Thread: Cost of custom engraved Pico's, seems low from our dealer

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    Cost of custom engraved Pico's, seems low from our dealer

    I've done the RA2 training online as I'm more a DIY type as I've been into lighting and automation for many, many years. There's a dealer in Toronto that I buy most of my RA2 dimmers from as their pricing is really good compared to Amazon or eBay. I wanted to get some custom engraved Pico remotes, but the response they sent me regarding the pricing of them seems off, as I assumed they would be at least $100 CAD if not more.

    When I emailed them I said I think the part # from what I gather on the engraving form is PJ2-4B (please correct me if I'm wrong). When I asked them what the cost was for this model with the custom engraving, their response was "Yes we carry the entire Lutron product line. These range from $31 to $44 (CAD) depending on the configuration as they come in many different configurations."

    So I'm a bit confused as I was under the impression that the engraved Pico's only came in the 4 button variety, unless by "they come in many different configurations" he means colours or something, but $31-$44 seems really low. Does that sound right?

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    that would be the price for the standard pre-engraved 4 buttons. The PJ2-4B-G(color code)-EL(number code) custom engraved from Lutron had a list of $100USD.
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    Hi there - you wouldn't mind sharing the dealer you have in Toronto? Just starting to put together my whole home system...

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    If you go to there is a "Where to buy" link in the upper right corner. You can find all of the dealers in your area.
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    Quote Quote
    ...So I'm a bit confused as I was under the impression that the engraved Pico's only came in the 4 button variety...
    Many/most of the Picos can be custom engraved. Engraving sheets can be found here. (You need to choose RadioRA 2 and scroll down to keypads.)

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