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Thread: Replacing 2 sets of 3 pole dimmers, and one one pole

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    Replacing 2 sets of 3 pole dimmers, and one one pole


    I am looking to replace 2 3 pole dimmer switch sets and one 1 pole switch. My setup does not have a neutral wire, so i know i need to go with the Caseta Wireless.

    I want them to be wireless or push power. I checked the site but i am not sure i saw a wireless 3 pole set.

    Also i have to buy the hub also, so figure the starter kit will give me the 1 pole switch and the hub. just trying to figure out the 2 3 pole dimmer switch set.

    am looking for white. and thanks in advance.

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    By 3-pole do you mean a 3-way circuit (two switches controlling the same light)?

    If so, in each 3-way circuit you'll use 1 Caseta dimmer and 1 Pico Remote. The dimmer is mounted in place of one of the replaced switches and the Pico is mounted in place of the other. You can add additional Picos to make the circuit controllable from four, or more, locations. The adapter to mount the Pico on the wall (with switchplate) is just under $6. You can also mount Picos on pedestals to sit on a table or desktop.

    Lots of YouTube videos that show how to install and how they work together. Search for 'Caseta'.

    You only need the hub if you want control from the app (phone/tablet) and/or voice control (Alexa).

    The best value that I found was the kit that included the smart hub, two dimmers and two Picos. If you need more Picos I found them cheapest when bought in the package that included a dimmer and Pico.

    (I tried to add some pictures but the forum is not letting me upload them at the moment)

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