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Thread: After long time without power doesn't work homeworks 4

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    After long time without power doesn't work homeworks 4

    After long time without power doesn't work homeworks 4
    Keypads doesn't work.
    Status -"E"red light
    Link 5-RX red light
    Link6-rx red light
    White panels are permanent green light over the button
    Lightning is on all over the home.
    Please help how to resolve the problem.

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    Thank you for your post Rorom78.

    Based on the LEDs you have reference, the processor no longer has the program.

    We would recommeding calling into our Tech Support at 1-844-588-7661 to see if we can help restore the system however a dealer may need to be involved.

    You can find a dealer in your are with our Where To Buy Tool found here at

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    There is a command called "osstart" that may be able to wake up the system. I'd say its 50/50/90 that it will work. You will need the programming software and a 9-pin serial cable.

    The processor has a lithium battery attached to the mother board. Most of them are at or past their useful life. My local Batteries+ has the battery but would not solder because it was lithium. They did help me find a local guy who was "certified" to solder lithium. I would definitely replace the battery because any power flicker will leave you in the same position.

    You will need to upload the operating system and the program. It's unlikely you will be able to extract the program. Unless you have a copy you will need to rewrite the program. Which goes back to Josh R's suggestion about contacting a dealer.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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