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Thread: NetStreams-DigiLinX, Lutron HWI, to URC IP Server

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    NetStreams-DigiLinX, Lutron HWI, to URC IP Server

    Testing post

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    NetStreams-DigiLinX, Lutron HWI, to URC IP Server

    We have a well maintained NetStreams-DigiLinX system along with a HWI system. They can talk to each other and command each other

    Example of what Lutron HWI sends down the RS-232 line to the MLA4000/CL(ControLinX) line

    #@Office Player#ACTIVE ON\r
    #@Office Player#ACTIVE OFF\r

    What we are trying to do is to send RS-232 command from HWI to a server/driver that is loaded in the URC MRX-10N or 15 or 30
    I am getting the driver to respond one time.... I know this is a DigiLinX issue, it grabs a hold of the connection.
    Wondering any recommendations to send RS-232 out of HWI proc to a black box that would send TCP or UDP commands onto the IP Network.

    I can hit a browser and type this below: ... it works, so the URC system is working.

    What do we type into the HWI to do this or do we need to use the other serial port and buy a RS-232 to IP convertor?

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