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Thread: Do the Maestro sensors bleed phantom power also when in Vacancy mode?

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    Do the Maestro sensors bleed phantom power also when in Vacancy mode?

    I think I've confirmed that the Maestro sensors bleed phantom power when in Occupancy mode, which makes sense to me, given that the sensor must be "on" in order to detect movement. But is this also true in Vacancy mode? Feels like it shouldn't need to do that. Thanks!

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    Hello pygmy_owl,
    Thank you for your post! You are correct that the Maestro sensors (MS-OPS2 and MS-OPS5M) draw power when switched off regardless of being set to Occupancy/Vacancy or Vacancy only mode, the exact draw is provided below:

    • MS-OPS2: 0.04W/hr
    • MS-OPS5M: 0.03W/hr

      Hope this info help!


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