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Thread: CTCL-153PH vs. LECL-153PH

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    CTCL-153PH vs. LECL-153PH

    I have several Philips 9290011555 PAR30 Warm Glow bulbs in my house. I've had excellent results with a CTCL-153PH dimmer with two of them. On another fixture I tried a Leviton 6674, but am dissatisfied with random flickering episodes. I've found a source for some LECL-153PH switches at a better price that I can find for the CTCL switches, and would like to know if they're electrically similar or identical to their CTCL cousins? I know this switch isn't specifically recommended by Leviton, but Philips does have the CTCL on their approved list. Thanks!

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    There are 2 basic kinds of dimmers - mechanical and electronic. The CT and LE are both mechanical. The only difference is aesthetics.
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    Thanks for the reply, Randy!

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