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Thread: Ariadne CL dimmer - candelabra bulbs in chandelier are flickering like crazy

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    Ariadne CL dimmer - candelabra bulbs in chandelier are flickering like crazy

    I have had several of these dimmers installed throughout my house without issue, however, the one for the chandelier is going nuts. I am not an electrician but have tried every configuration I can think of to remedy this to no avail. I am using Ecosmart bulbs but don’t know if they are the right kind as I no longer have the box they came in. The side of the bulb shows the following “ECS B11 60 WE W27 E12 120 3pk 120v 60Hz 60mA 6W 2700K 0917GT 500 lumens”. I have searched Amazon and gone to Home Depot twice to fine the bulbs suggested on the Lutron LED Compatability Tool and can’t find any of these anywhere. I am exhausted. Can you help me find some bulbs that will work?

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    Hello Laura,
    Thanks for you post! Unfortunately the candelabra style LED bulb is one that we have few recommendations to make for, but I was able to find one Philips Candelabra style bulb that we verified to be compatible with the Ariadni TGCL/AYCL dimming control. Please see the Lutron LED Report Card @ and also a Home Depot online listing for these LED Lamps @

    Hope this info helps!


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