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Thread: Help plz with HW 4 series

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    Help plz with HW 4 series

    I'm working with Lutron HomeWorks 4 series processors (more than 50), lately I've had problems with two processors that no longer work ( the power lamp 12V is not lit, the status lamps are not blinking, but the power lamp 15V is lit)
    The 12V and 15V power supplies are good
    what should I do?
    Plzz help and thanks a lot

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    If you measure the correct voltage going to the spade terminals in the processor, but the status lights are not turning on, there maybe something wrong with the processor. To best help determine if the processor is recoverable, or if not, then the next best steps, please call technical support with the processor on hand.

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    thank you Mr Armando for taking time responding me,
    normally how many years warranty is a processor?

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    8 year pro-rated warranty.

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