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Thread: Non daisy-chained wallstations

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    Non daisy-chained wallstations

    First post here, hopefully someone can advise. I just finished renovating my house, part of which involved reusing an existing GRX-3106 in a different part of the house, controlling 5 loads. The work wasn't done by an experienced Lutron installer, but the electrician associated with my rather excellent contractor. It is all working well and I am generally happy.....BUT....I took the GRX out of the backbox to connect a GRX-RS232 today and discover that the wallstations have not been daisy chained, but all terminate in a connector in the backbox and from there to the MUX port.

    The walls being long closed, I am, obviously, loathe to ask them to redo the work unless I am truly storing up problems for myself down the line. Given that things seem fine, if it is 'merely' a question of best practice, then I am minded to leave it as is.

    Can anyone advise?


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    Functionally, it will work fine.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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