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Thread: Looking for a H4P5-H48HRL - 120

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    Looking for a H4P5-H48HRL - 120

    Looking for a H4P5-H48HRL - 120 Sold my home and need to replace this. I'm trying to avoid a total upgrade, on a home that is no longer mine. Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looking for H4P5-H48-120

    Hi Have you found one that you needed? I am looking for H4P5-H48-120 to replace mine. Any help would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!

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    Unfortunately, unless you find something on ebay, I think you may be out of luck. I wrote about my experience 3 + years ago here short, call them and ask them. If the processor is still under warranty, you're good, but given how old this is, it's likely not so they'll tell you to upgrade it to QS. You can also try emailing to see if they have one or can make one for you but if they can, it will likely cost A LOT. The people who answer that email however are extremely secretive though. Like needlessly secretive...more on that in the next paragraph. When I was at the customer's house with the dead processor, I called tech support, they checked the serial number and pretty much told me I was SOL and there was no way to revive it and the only way to go was with a QS upgrade. That house had a bunch of wired keypads and GRX wall mount modules so at least in that case they were able to reuse their old keypads (minus the $1000 or so license fee). Given that I had no database file and the only thing I had to go on was the keypad dip switch addresses (which was a big help), I would have had to reprogram the whole system anyway so at least that part of the cost was inevitable.So anyway, after I got that job done, I found out about the mentioned in the other thread, I was wondering why tech support didn't tell me to try them. So for future reference I emailed them and asked them whether they keep processors around and could not get a straight answer. They would just give the same robotic answer that it's a case by case basis. What does that mean? Who knows...Are you talking about a mansion with $300,000 worth of equipment owned by a head of a state and they don't want to upgrade but are willing to pay $10K? They wouldn't say. I think I even asked them if they had one at that point and again, they wouldn't say. They said nothing. It was weird and that was 3 years ago. If you do email them, please post the results here because I'm really curious if they still have anything available at any price or it's all gone now.If you do upgrade, you may be able to get away with Radio Ra2 or hell, maybe even Caseta and program it yourself. At this point, 99% of the functionality that most houses care about are in Radio Ra2 and probably 90% of what people care about are in Caseta.

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