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Thread: Transfer failure at step "Sending Link Command to Processor(s)"

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    Transfer failure at step "Sending Link Command to Processor(s)"

    All my transfers are eventually completing ok, but are considered as failing by Lutron Designer at step "Sending Link Command to Processor(s)".
    Would you have any clue about how to fix that (and the possible inconveniences it could bring down the road if not)?

    The only current "fancy" setting on the processor setup is that it gets its static IP address from a separate DHCP server ("DHCP" option is therefore set to 1).

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	SendingLinkCommandToProcessors-Failure.PNG 
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    Anyone from Lutron monitoring this forum?
    I'm still stuck with this issue, and found that it is linked to my current project file. Trying with an older one makes the "Sending Link Command to Processor(s)" succeed.

    Would be great to be able to provide those 2 files to a Lutron staff, so that they can check out the actual difference causing the issue and fix it in their software.
    I'm having random issues with my 3-wire motors, may be linked to this.


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    Use the Create Support File option in QS and you can send it to support. I had a similar issue recently and they said my project was corrupt ended up repairing the project file. Dont know what they did to it but I was able to load it afterwards.

    Yes this forum is somewhat of a joke as far as support. Responses if any seem to come after a couple days at best. Frustrating that in the software they direct you here which is rarely helpful. Add that to the fact that theres no help files for the software and it only leaves you with the option to contact their support directly.

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    somebody help him please !!

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    We do apologize for the issue you have encountered and our delay in getting back to you.

    We would recommend following what johnmax suggested in creating a support file and emailing into to start a case and we can investigate further with you.

    We will then be able to mock it up and see if the issue is related to file and would need to be repaired.

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