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Thread: Thinking about Lutron... Need questions answered

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    Thinking about Lutron... Need questions answered

    I sit on the board of a small religous organization and we are looking to set up some lights to be on or off based on the day of the week or our holidays. The building is commercial and have florescent lighting in the rooms we are looking to augment. They are bathrooms and in California we have some specific codes regarding occupency sensors and nightlights.

    What we'd like is the ability to default the lights to ON (not just nightlight) regardless of occupancy during certain days/times. We know that to do this with a non-radio controlled solution would require a lot of rewiring and so forth and potentially breaking code. Is there a solution with Lutron? I'm used to Control 4 in my home, which allows me to do a lot of programming, but its not within the budget for our little synogogue.

    thanks for any help. We are in San Jose, CA if that helps

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    This sounds like an application that I was a part of using RadioRA2 and a third party integration. The third party was used to activate timeclocks depending on the holiday and length. It could be done without the third party, but someone would have to manually activate the holiday functions to override the standard programming. If this is acceptable, I would contact ALR- the rep in your area, for a referral to a high level programmer.!
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