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Thread: Fan control and dimmer in single gang

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    Fan control and dimmer in single gang

    Hi I want to add some basic lighting controls and fans controls to my condo. I have two locations (living room and dining room) that both feature a single gang switch that controls on/off function for my overhead light and ceiling fan combo. Speed and light on/off are controlled by the hanging chains for further adjustments. Pretty typical setup I think although I realize its a tad "low end" being a single gang on/off switch with chain control.

    I see the maestro line has a product (MA-LFQM-XX) that will control both in terms of dimming and fan speed control (with the addition of a canopy module -CM-FQI) from a single gang switch location.

    I however would like something that can be app controlled or be able to be used with a third party control system like Savant or Control4 like the Caseta series. I can't figure out how to make this work however as there seems to be no solution of this in something that has app control/ makes use of the Smart Bridge or has an RS232 connection module (or IP) to integrate with a basic control system that controls other elements in the home.

    Can anybody recommend a solution to this problem? Will Maestro ever be compatible with the Smart Bridge??? Thanks for your input.

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    Further to this, One location (living room) has a concrete wall where the switch is located making the swap out to a 2 gang back box with a quick rewire too costly to explore. The dining room could have this done and I am considering it. I am not opposed to adding a stick on pico type remote next to the existing switch if this is the only answer, but I cant find a canopy module to control the fan speed in an app / third party controllable solution.

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    As you probably know, Caseta doesn't have any fan control devices. Maestro is meant to be standalone and does not have the necessary wireless technology (ClearConnect) to work with Caseta.

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    Possible options:
    The Lutron RRD-2ANF might be an option, only 4 speeds, not the 7 speed option of the Lutron
    CM-FQ1 fan canopy control.
    The RA 2 used by the
    RRD-2ANF is the same "clear connect" RF interface as used by Caseta,
    However, this would still require a second gang box for separate light control.
    Using diamond blade tools, cutting concrete to add a second box is quite doable.

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