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Thread: Logitech Harmony Integration

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    Logitech Harmony Integration

    I have RadioRA2 lights in my home theater and would like to unify all 4 components - Receiver, Android TV, projector, and Lutron lights - under on Harmony remote. However I've heard conflicting information about how well the Harmony Hub/System interacts with the RadioRA2 (though Caseta is reportedly straightforward). Can I get a Harmony system with a Lutron Bridge - BDG2?

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    Harmony Integration Fail

    I've got a full RadioRa 2 system and can't get Harmony Elite integration to succeed either. Gets as far as authorizing the integration with devices.lutron but then fails. Had thought it required default telnet creds, but even that wouldn't help it connect and complete. Haven't found a solution. I suppose if your project has less than 100 devices, it can be done by downgrading the hub and repeater to RR-SEL-REP2 or L-REPPRO Shame.

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    The L-REPPRO is an auxiliary repeater. It will not work on its own and does not have any ability to integrate, etc.

    RadioRA 2 and HomeWorks have a communication protocol that allows them to integrate with large scale automation systems like Crestron and Savant. Caseta and RA2 Select are designed to work with smaller home automation systems like SmartThings and Harmony. It shouldn't be that hard for Harmony to expand their Caseta integration to include R2S.
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    Thanks @randyc. Can I add an RA2 Select into my project to get Harmony support? I have 44 devices in the project, with plans to add a few plug-in device dimmers for table lamps in the near future, and will likely add automation for blinds over the next year. That's why I went full RadioRA 2, thought I would exceed 50 devices pretty easily--which is true. And since Harmony hasn't expanded to include RadioRA 2 in years, I'm not holding my breath they ever will...Noted that seeTouch devices are not supported in at RA2 Select system. That's a non starter for me. Have three seeTouch table tops and LOVE them.

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