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Thread: Ma-lfqm initialize error

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    Ma-lfqm initialize error

    I have an ma-lfqm single point control system. Worked for 5 or so years.
    I have another room with a two point control system as well.

    Storm came through. Bedroom stopped working. I have an expensive whole house surge system, but whatever.

    Bedroom sets second to lowest led, no lights, no fan, nothing. Tried rocker button hold reset, nothing.

    Pull system, wire in traditional switch, works.

    Order new switch kit. Install, lights dim on, fan starts running. Initialize error.

    After troubleshooting with lutron, they send another switch kit. Guess what? Same situation.

    80 watt fan motor, 160 watt incandescent bulbs

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    To clarify. Lights come on dim to bright. Read what I said and it didn't make sense to me

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    Test Reply. Please delete.

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