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Thread: HWQS ECO loop options for wiring - romex cable possible?

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    HWQS ECO loop options for wiring - romex cable possible?

    I have a question about App Note 697, and comments on the Ecosystem specifications.

    Could EcoSystem line voltage and Eco loop be done in 14/2/2 or 12/2/2 Romex (NM Cable)?

    On the specification it says:
    “ EcoSystem Digital Loop can be wired as Mains voltage or IEC PELV/NECR Class 2 for maximum wiring flexibility.” Which I found odd… Mains voltage/Line voltage OR...
    I would assume this would mean any class 1 or chapter 3 method or wiring, like THHN or Cable? Like MC or NM cable?

    On App Note it says:
    "EcoSystem wiring can be run in the same conduit as line voltage because it is treated as Class 1 wiring. Please follow all Class 1 safety rules for EcoSystem wiring."
    Again, like THHN in the same conduit? Being not different if so to cable Cable - Like MC or NM cable? (Which is something you can do once all the conductors are rated for line voltage. - 725.136D)

    I called and asked Tech Support, and they did not seem to be too clear on what I meant. I'm not sure if they know electrical cable types. But I asked if there was any shielding or twist specifications to the EcoSystem loop wiring - they did not seem to know, but aimed me at the wire gauge table of the specification. And again pointed me to the "as mains wiring" comment in the spec's.

    Has anyone done other cable types? And if so how did they perform?

    I would appreciate any experience others may have had.

    I have done a few sizable projects with Eco in them, and all with MC-PCS cable, which has the line voltage, and the Eco in an additional jacket within the same MC sheath. (In contact and no apparent shielding of any kind) But this cable is fairly expensive, and not often readily available. And does not fit in most typical MC connectors. A more readily available and less expensive wiring method for residential would be a game changer in pricing.

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    I've never used the eco products or the Lutron recess lights but I know people who have used 14/4 or 12/4 romex for the Lutron recess lights. 2 for line voltage and the other 2 for control. I might have done this once myself for 0-10v dimming recess.
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    I think what they are tying to say is... you can run the Eco-loop wire in the same channel/conduit but you have to meet the applicable requirements. If the channel/conduit has 600v wire in it, the Eco-loop wire must also be rated for 600v.

    It also says "Consult all national an local electrical codes for separation requirements." I would ask the local inspector before I spent a lot of time and money wiring fixtures.

    Keep in mind, romex can not be used in a channel/conduit. THHN, etc. can not be used outside of a conduit. Well, maybe to tie ladders on top of the van....
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