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Thread: In wall dimmer pairing

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    In wall dimmer pairing

    Can an in wall dimmer be paired with a plug in lamp dimmer? My original setup is in my dining room to control the chandelier, with one wired in wall dimmer at one end of the room and a pico remote at the other end. Chandelier could be operated from either. I then added a plug in lamp dimmer to control 2 table lamps on our credenza. The pico remote will control all 3 lights but the wired in wall dimmer will only control the chandelier, not all 3. Is there a way to pair the in wall with the plug-in?

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    No. Your best bet is to use the Pico to control the 3 lights.

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    Thanks for the reply. I thought I was missing something with the pairing and that it would work like a true 3-way switch but I guess not.

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