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Thread: Replacing switches in combined 3-way and 4-way setup

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    Replacing switches in combined 3-way and 4-way setup

    I bought 1x DH6HD dimmer and 3x DD00R-DLZ because I want to replace 4 switches that control a set of led lights: The first and last one look like 3-way switches, while the 2 between look like 4-way switches.

    The DH6HD instruction (step 4b) describes how to install the DH6HD and DD00R for a 3-way wiring (which is my first and last switch).
    The DD00R instruction (step 4c) describes 4-way wiring but with a DDMX1 dimmer.

    1) Is it possible too setup the dimmer and remote controls in a combined 3-way and 4-way environment?
    2) If yes, do I have the right remotes?
    3) If yes, how?
    4) Do I have to replace all switches or is it ok just to replace the first and maybe the last one?


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    This is the Lutron Support Community, not Leviton. I suggest going to the Leviton Support at

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