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Thread: DMX control issue

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    DMX control issue

    Hi there

    can anyone help me out?

    Im trying to connect some dmx loads for the first time in my system.

    I have connected the Lut-dmx to the mi link (8 series with internal mi) power is from the keypad link on to pin 2.

    In the database Iíve added a pnl5 and filled it full of phantom modules

    I have then created 4 dmx loads for the lounge Red,green,blue and white.

    In the assignment screen I have assigned these loads to the first module in the pnl5 and given them dmx address of 50,51,52,53 in the box next to where they are assigned.

    set the Lighting Dmx driver address to 50 and

    then I have done some basic programming just to get it to work but nothing happens?

    am I missing something?

    the lut-dmx is flashing led 2 so looks healthy



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    we do have this app note found here, however you will need to be logged into your myLutron account.

    If you already had covered that , we would recommend making a support file and sending it in to for further assistance.

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