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Thread: New vs. Old Auxiliary Repeaters

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    New vs. Old Auxiliary Repeaters

    I've been told the RR2 Select wireless repeaters can be hung off the network just like a main repeater to extend range, but I haven't used the new ones yet. Are there any cons to them vs. the old ones? Can they each pair to main repeaters in a dual main repeater config? Thanks!

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    The L-REPPRO does not have a wired connection. If you had a remote building, you could not run a wire to create a local pocket.

    Just to clarify, it is a clear connect device (not WiFi). You can use them in a 2-main repeater system but they can only be associated with 1 main repeater.

    I like them. They are smaller (easier to hide) and less expensive. I have not noticed any difference in performance vs Aux Repeaters.
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