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Thread: Switching a Receptacle using a Dimmer

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    Switching a Receptacle using a Dimmer

    The title is about how the system currently has an old RRD-6D dimmer switching 2 receptacles outside for Christmas lights.
    Of course this wont work properly, if at all, with the LED lights they want to use.

    I have never actually used anything other than dimmers to control lights before. Would I replace the RRD-6D with an RRD-8ANS to be able to accomplish this?

    I'm currently only level 1 (looking for some time to do the L2) so hardware might be a limitation.


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    You could. The 8ANS also requires a neutral connection.

    I would also look at the plug-in module (RR-15APS). It is not weatherproof so you would need to protect it.
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    While you could use a 6D by setting it to instant switching instead of dimming, dimmers shouldn't be used on receptacles without using a Lutron Receptacle for Dimming Use unit and re-wiring plugs. Those aren't outdoor-rated anyway, so you'd have to know that you're not going to be code compliant. Further, a 6D isn't ideal because it isn't happy in a low-load situation you could get with a receptacle, which is the reason the 8ANS has the neutral. 8ANS is fine for this purpose, but if you get L2 certified, you might be better off with the Soft Switch that has full 16A handling (the 8 ANS has 8A).

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