Please review and comment on the following.

I have successfully integrated with IFTTT to allow me to use Lutron Keypad buttons to control ceiling fans – I figured out how to get Lutron to send a command string to IFTTT and then used that to trigger the Bond device which in turn controls the fan (or fans).

Now I am trying to do the inverse. I want to be able to have an external device control Lutron (in this case, a humidity sensor turn on a Lutron connected exhaust fan). I can get the humidity sensor to talk to IFTTT. And IFTTT has a module that interfaces with Lutron Connect which is supposed to be able to trigger a Lutron light or scene (same way Alexa does). IFTTT asks me for my credentials for Lutron Connect (which I provide, and I know that they work because I am logged into Lutron Connect and Amazon Alexa has also connected to Lutron using the same credentials). But IFTTT comes back with a “Cannot Connect to Service” error. I have tried repeatedly over the course of several days in case it was a server issue – but same error all the time.

Any wizards out there hit this bump and get over it?

Many Thanks