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Thread: MS-OPS5M companion switch acts as "master"

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    MS-OPS5M companion switch acts as "master"

    I installed a MS-OPS5M in a 3-way circuit. The companion switch is a standard new on/off 3-way. I used the yellow jumper wire per instructions for the companion.

    When I restored power, the sensor switch functioned correctly. The companion did not, and per the instructions I swapped the travelers. The companion then functioned closer to correctly, but now acts as a "master switch": when the companion is "off", the sensor switch does nothing. Only when the companion is "on" does the sensor function normally.

    My expectation is that regardless of the companion switch position, the sensor should turn lights on when it detects motion - after suitable time interval, etc.

    Does anybody have an insight into how I can wire the companion correctly so that it's a "companion" and not a "master"?

    -- Bill

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    The sensor should have power and connection to the load regardless of the status of the mechanical switch. The mechanical switch operates as contact closure, applying or removing voltage from the blue wire on the sensor. When the sensor detects a change in voltage it toggles the load.

    At the mechanical switch you should have 3 wires - black from one cable, black and red from another. Connect the 2 blacks and jumper to the bronze/black screw. Connect the red to the brass screw on the same side. At the sensor, connect the red to the blue wire from the switch.

    Note: the sensor will not function properly without the ground connected.
    Convergence Technologies Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Bingo! Works great after following RandyC's advice on re-wiring the mechanical switch. Thank you!

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