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Thread: three areas in kitchen with dimmers?

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    three areas in kitchen with dimmers?

    I've enclosed some two pictures (so that's 20K words right?) of the current switches that I'd like to replace.

    The design goal is that no functionality can be lost at either of the two locations shown. Gaining is ok of course :)

    There are three separate lights being independently controlled:

    1) Dimmable LED's over Kitchen Table.
    Currently controlled by the leftmost sliding switch/dimmer on Picture entitled 3s3ds.

    2) Dimmable LED's over Kitchen Counter
    Currently controlled by the switch/dimmer to the right of the leftmost switch on the picture entitled 3s3ds.

    3) Halogen Can lighting in Kitchen.
    Currently controlled by the Switch and dimmer that is on the right most side on the picture entitled 3s3ds as well as by the switch in the picture entitled mechanical switch.

    If someone could suggest the parts list by which this could be accomplished within the form factors shown, it would be most appreciated.

    Best wishes,

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails mechanical switch.jpg   3s3ds.jpg  

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    You posted in the Caseta forum so I'm assuming you want Caseta switches.

    You have three circuits so you need three dimmers. The PD-6WCL is cheaper and doesn't have a neutral. The PD-5NE is more expensive but has a neutral connection which can make a difference depending on the specific lights it is controlling. The PD-5NE also has the preset button.

    Put the two dimmers controlling the two LED loads in the box that currently has the three dimmers. Put the dimmer controlling the halogen load in the location with the tile. You can then add one, or more, Pico remotes to maintain the 3-way control of the halogen load and add 3-way control for the two LED loads. You could also use one of several scene picos to create scenes involving combinations of all three lights.

    I found it cheapest to get the standard pico remotes by buying the kit which included one PD-6WCL dimmer with one Pico. Search for "lutron scene pico" on Google and you'll find a variety that are available in both two-button and four-button varieties. Here is a pic of a few of the options.

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