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Thread: Infratech Heaters

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    Infratech Heaters

    I searched and did not see anything posted so....
    Infratech heaters can cause "weird" occurrences (Flickering in lighting if heater is anything but 100% or Off) in Lutron Lighting systems, especially if they are using their proprietary controls. We contacted Infratech and after some cajoling found they have known of this issue. They will try and sell a "special" control for it. The only project we did not have any issues was a system where we controlled the Infratech via 0-10. The even crazier thing is, Lutron is not the only lighting system we have heard of this happening to.

    Just an FYI

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    Did they have a solution or workaround? Infratech are very popular in my area.
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    0-10 controls we have had no issue. infratech did say they can "build" a special control or filter. Your safest bet would be for the Electrician, or whomever is installing the heater to let Infratech know that there is a lighting system on the project, and they can adjust accordingly. In our case, we are usually the EC on the project so it is easier for us to communicate this. Those heaters are very poplular here as well.

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    TBell - there is an App note about the wiring and control of Infratech heaters - and before they put that out I used to use a relay to have a physical "Open" of the 0-10 signal when off... Something to note about the very large SCR that switches the Infratech heaters, is that any residual voltage of even a millivolt will trigger throughput of the SCR - and a rather large electrical bill depending on the size of the heater array connected... 0-10 lighting is much the same way, but a relay or other switch - switches off the 120 driver. In the app note they are using the item called "EPC-1-D" to act as that relay to physically disconnect the 0-10 signal to eliminate the bleed voltage.

    And the heaters fade up and down just like a light, if on 0-10.... There is a ramp up and ramp down of current.

    But not doing this relay disconnect would not cause the lighting to "flicker", but a constant bleed of current.

    "Flicker" to some Electricians, like myself, is typically an indicator of broader problems. None of which impact the controls of any brand. Some of those concerns range from Electrical Design, Loading, Capacity, and sometimes border some safety concerns... Lighting can flicker can be for a number of reasons, but most often if a large 240V load like any number of Infratech heaters, it could create a voltage drop on the line conductors due to the load. That is often a conductor/panel sizing and capacity issue. I have done quite a few large installs, a few that were arrays equivalent to 100A. And one that had 100A on one deck and another 100A on the other. And those were direct to the 800A switchgear and on a dedicated transformer. If they were on mixed load feeders, or on a smaller service and with a house next door on the same transformer - you could dim the lights next door... That voltage drop is affecting all things on the electrical system it is connected to, you just 'notice it' on the lighting, because it is something you can see...

    The 'proprietary' infratech controls could be the 0-10 controls in the panel they provide - or their less expense wall box controls. If the later, those are a mechanical switch. And those I believe limited to 30A, but it is a hard and fast 30A with >150% inrush current, which will cause voltage drop if on panels of mixed loads, and change the voltage available to the lighting, if on the same circuit path, or smaller feeder/service size. There is no ramp up current to hide that. And that would be apparent on any lighting on a control system or not.

    But if the the voltage is changing at the neutral conductor - that's a connection problem to correct, as that could be hazardous if not addressed.

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