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Thread: Invertor load shed

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    Invertor load shed

    We are installing a project in Africa and the client has just dropped on us, that when his invertor kicks in, due to loss of grid power, he wants to switch of certain lights.
    We already have a CCI at the invertor so getting a signal into the system isn't too much of a problem, however what would be the best way to programme this?
    I was thinking of creating a shared scene that when it receives an input from the CC1 it will activate that scene thus switching off all those that are in that scene.
    Would this be the best way around it?

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    It doesn't necessarily have to be a shared scene but that will work. My question would be, "How fast does the inverter kick in?" If the processor reboots, the CC could close before the processor knows it. My guess is the QSE-IO or VCRX (CCI options) would complete their power up before the processor.
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    Sorry for extremely late reply to this. The Invertor is instantaneous. its essntially a whole house UPS and it doest have any power loss.

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