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Thread: Caseta and fluorescent bulbs?

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    Caseta and fluorescent bulbs?

    Hi, novice diy'er here.

    I managed to successfully install my casetta remote which is wired to one standard socket (dimmable LED bulb currently) and a standard two tube fluorescent light. Later that night when I went to showcase my achievement to my wife, neither would light properly.

    Now, one of three things happen consistently:

    1. Both sets of light slowly brighten to full and then reset to black and start over repeatedly
    2. The fluorescent tubes slowly brighten and then flicker dimly never reaching full brightness
    3. The fluorescent tubes flash so fast at full brightness that I wonder if I'm about to have a seizure

    Regardless, I can no longer get the lights to operate at full brightness.

    Is the caseta an incompatible switch for standard fluorescent lights? or have I somehow miswired it? or...?

    I'll install a completely different fixture with compatible bulbs if the standard fluorescent lights are not suitable.

    Thanks for your feed back.

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    Good Afternoon Toxic, which Caseta control are you currently using? Also, could you provide more information about the lights you have connected? A lot of fluorescent lights have non-dimming drivers and with the performance you're explaining, sounds like that may be the case. LEDs are similar as they are not all dimmable, and dimmable LEDs are not always compatible. If you know which LEDs you're using, we have a tool where you can check to see if we've done any testing or it can help you find LEDs for the dimmer you're using. The tool is at

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