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Thread: QSE I/O visibility on app.

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    QSE I/O visibility on app.

    We have a house where the client has sourced security shutters and the Somfy 4 wire motor controller (Animeo 4ac). It has a contact closure input so I know I can use the QSE I/O to control it, but by memory this won't show on the app as a blind, or a device. It will only show up as the buttons on the rooms switch.
    Can anyone think of a way that I can make it appear under the blinds?

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    You should double check the QSE-IO. CCO 1&2 share a common as do 3&4. Some devices don't like the shared common. That means the QSE-IO only has 3 usable CCOs - 1/2, 3/4, and 5.

    The app places loads based on load type. CCOs always go under the MISC category. Lutron would have to change the program and the app to allow moving loads.

    You could put a keypad in the applicable rooms and assign the CCOs to the keypad. If you name the keypad "shutters" it could make it more intuitive for the owner.
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