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Thread: RPM-4A Single Load Lights Up All Loads

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    RPM-4A Single Load Lights Up All Loads


    I am having an issue with a new fixture a client put up. Its a very delicate chandelier. I can't even get in to see the lamps in it. When I turn the load on on the output of an RPM-4A, I can measure 120V across all four outputs, and it lights up the lamps that are on the other outputs. I have tried another module, I don't have the jumper installed, tried different terminal blocks, etc. This module only has one other load connected to it (a couple table lamps). I called into tech support and the technician said that the module is acting normally and when I put loads on the other two outputs, this issue will go away. Trouble is, I have no other loads to add at this time.

    I'm suspecting this is some type of minimum load issue, and toying with putting a dummy load on the other outputs, but I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this.

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    None of that sounds right. Their documentation says the LED is off if the zone is off. I don't recall reading voltage on unused outputs. I know you don't have to use all 4 outputs.

    The issue as I understand it is that the chandelier and lamps are turning on/off together? Check the addressing of the RPM. Address 7 turns all of the outputs on. The arrow is sometimes misleading. You may think it is on 7 and it is actually on F. I've also seen it where I thought the address was 2 but when I switched it to 3 and back to 2, it started working.

    You should also check for neutral interaction. Plug-in lamps attached to a 4A is a red flag. You should not be dimming receptacles. It is possible a device plugged in near the lamps could be generating noise/interference. The neutral from the lamps/outlets may be shared with other circuits (depending of the age of the home).

    Make sure the neutral is separated/isolated from the RPM all the way to the fixture. Yes, they are connected at the RPM but electronics do weird things when the neutral is shared. I've also seen the hot connected to 1 RPM and the neutral connected to another. This will cause weird things to happen as well.
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    Thanks for the feedback. With tech support we went through using the dial to turn each load on individually. Tried it on a different module, different set of din rail terminals, etc. Also measured the terminals without the chandelier landed and they measured like you would expect, 120v on hot outputs and nothing on cold outputs. I thought it sounded fishy on the phone with tech. I'll have to get the electrician in to help me out with it.

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