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Thread: Program Flashing Lights to a Timeclock

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    Program Flashing Lights to a Timeclock

    Greetings. Could someone tell me if there is a way to cause lights connected to RRD-6Ds to flash at a given time for about 30 seconds? I would like to enter and exit the fleshing state via a timeclock within RR2.

    Thank you.

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    The only flash function in RR2 is security mode. If you have a VCRX you could wire a CCI in parallel with the security input and regular CCI input. The security input would start the lights flashing and the regular CCI would turn them off after a set delay. I still see issues because I believe the security CCI wants a maintained CC and the regular would need to be pulsed for this to work. You can not program security mode to a keypad button.

    A similar scenario should work with phantom buttons. You would need a 3rd party program to push the buttons. Phantom 1 would start the lights flashing (single action). Phantom 2 would turn them off or a set level after what ever delay you enter. The 3rd party program would need to push both buttons at the same time. It appears you can have multiple phantom security buttons on the Main Repeater.
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