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Thread: Caseta System flakes out with Alexa - needs reboot

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    Exclamation Caseta System flakes out with Alexa - needs reboot

    Hey guys. Happened 3 days in a row now. Alexa says the "... lights not responding. Please check..." re: my Lutron system. One hub with 7 smart switches. Power-cycling the hub "fixes" the problem till the next day.. Has happened 3 days in a row now. I've had the system for 6 months now without any previous issues - and nothing in my system has changed and all of my other devices (including Alexa/Echo for general use) is working fine during these "outages". Also, it is not specific smart switch specific - I tried to change light on 3-4 of them on each occurrence without success.

    I am fine with rebooting once in a while as long as it chugs along for a few months. But, ~24 hrs is clearly unacceptable. Something changed recently with the firmware or do I have a flaky system? Thx.

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    Does the Caseta app work during the "outages?" It sounds like a network issue. It seems like Alexa is losing track of the Caseta bridge. It may be the lease on the IP address expired. Computers will automatically request a new IP address. The bridge may not be smart enough to do that. Assigning a static IP to the bridge should fix the issue (if it is the IP expiring).
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