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Thread: DVELV-303P Diva 3 way dimmer

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    Unhappy DVELV-303P Diva 3 way dimmer

    Dimmer does not dim light. Light strobes while on. Switch does turn light on and off. This is the dimmer specified by the light manufacturer for this light.

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    This is a 3-way dimmer. 3-way circuits have a 3-way switch at either end and 4-way switches in the middle. This device an only replace one of the 3-way switches (not the 4-ways).

    Power should come in on the black wire and go out to the light/next switch on the red. The red/white wire should be connected to the red wire from the wall.

    You must have the white/neutral connected. All boxes do not have neutrals so you may be limited as to where you can place the dimmer.
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