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Thread: QS and RA2 software on Surface Pro?

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    QS and RA2 software on Surface Pro?

    Hi All,

    It's time for me to get a new laptop.
    Is anybody using any of the Surface Pro tablets for use in the field?
    I have a pc now and used to have a Mac Book Pro with bootcamp that I liked a lot.
    Didn't like the parallels because of always having an issue with network adaptor and bridging mode.
    Love to hear what everybody likes using.


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    I used a homeowners PRO to make some changes. It seems very fragile. The magnetic power connection was kind of flaky. It took 5 or 6 tries to get it to recognize the power was attached and start charging.

    The touchscreen was nice and the small size was nice to carry around. Being old, I prefer (i.e. need) a larger screen though.
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    I've been using a Surface Pro 3 (i5/8GB/256GB) for 4 years now. It was supplied with Windows 8 but is now running Windows 10 Pro and I have to say it's been brilliant. As a freelance programmer it's great to have something lightweight to carry around and battery performance has been a revelation - I can easily go all day if I keep the screen brightness at comfortable levels. I've had absolutely no problems with the magnetic charging connection or anything else. When the time comes to replace it I would probably consider a Surface Laptop or Surface Book for the larger screen size (as I do use/need reading glasses with the SP3).

    If you're comfortable with the screen size I'd say go for it.

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    I have been using a Surface Notebook and I really like it. I think there is now a newer version called the Surface Notebook 2 out now

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