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Thread: Somfy shades and HWQS

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    Somfy shades and HWQS

    Looking for some helpful hints on integrating Somfy shades and Homeworks QS. Was handed a Somfy translater box, which I've had very little luck with in the past.

    Does anyone know if Somfy shades can be powered off Liberty 7-Conductor Lutron wire? Also have somfy power panels that need to be installed.

    The shade prewires go to 4 different locations. Do I need a translater for each? How do they communicate with QS?

    Absolutely dreading this part of the project! Any help would be appreciated.

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    The integration with Somfy is going to be as good as the Somfy vendor. There are several types of Somfy shade motors, but I'm sure most low voltage motors should be able to get power over the QED type wire Liberty makes.
    Are you the somfy programmer too, or is that another vendor?

    I've had very good luck in the past calling Somfy directly for tech support on their RF systems that were provided by another vendor. Don't be afraid to call them for help.

    I would expect that QS will communicate with Somfy one of 3 ways- 3rd party control via IP, 3rd party control via 232 handled by a 3rd party IP/232 adapter, or contact closure. Depending on the level of control you're looking for, contact closure might be the easiest to implement, esp with a different vendor doing the Somfy programming.

    Generally we like to have other vendors provide a stand-alone User Interface for their product so the Lutron controller isn't the only point of control. This can help roll out the project while you're working through programming, and makes testing easier if the client or vendor points the finger at you for mechanical issues.

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