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Thread: Lutron devices controlled by Smart Life

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    Question Lutron devices controlled by Smart Life

    I'd like to control Lutron switches (like the PD-6ANS) and other home devices with an app on my phone. Currently we're using Smart Life. Two questions: (1) Does anyone know what a good general app might be (like Smart Life)? (2) It looks like we're going to need a hub. Do you have suggestions about a hub that will work with devices from different manufacturers and with a general app like Smart Life?
    -- thanks

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    Thank you for post telecomtom.

    We are not aware of any integration with Smart Life.

    Depending on the system you would like to use, Lutron offers two apps. One being the Lutron app for Caseta/Ra2 Select systems and Connect app for RadioRa 2/HomeWorks QS systems.

    For the app to work with the above systems you are correct a hub would be needed.

    We would recommending calling into our Tech Support line at 1-844-558-7661 to discuss these options with you.

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