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Thread: 1990 Homework Interactive System

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    1990 Homework Interactive System

    How do I find a dealer that can work with the Homeworks Interactive and what has been the series since then ?
    I think it went from interactive to illusion series to the present QS series? Am I correct?
    I believe the home system is from the 1991ish. Need to fix or remove system as the switches are not working correctly nor are the master pad or Panja connective pad.Is there a technician in the Philadelphia area?

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    1990 is probably Original HomeWorks. The processor model would have been HW-MA-8.
    Interactive would have model numbers like HWI-PO-120 (several models).
    Illumination would have model numbers like H4P5-xxx or H8P5-xxx (several models of each).

    Hill Residential (610-222-9991) is the Lutron rep for Philadelphia. They are extremely good guys and will connect you with a dealer that has experience with your particular flavor of HomeWorks. I think they used to be the Panja rep as well.

    Tell them I said hello!

    ps: If you can't find anyone local, I will travel.
    LED, Incorporated
    Raleigh, NC 27614

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