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Thread: Lcp 128 ; tvm - 0-10v

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    Lcp 128 ; tvm - 0-10v

    Hello everybody.

    I am sorry if I put this question on wrong place, but I suppose that this is the most reading topic here.
    I have question about programming LCP 128. In space I have LED strip which is on 0-10V driver, and when I start with programming LCP128, under "Panel Setup--->Load Setup--->Module Type Setup" I can't find mark "T" which means that I use TVM module for those zones, so I can't dim my LED strip.

    Does somebody has the same problem? Help :)

    Thanks in advance.


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    Could you please provide us with the full model number of the panel as well as the circuit that the load is wired to? If the wrong module type is configured at that address, you will not see the TVM load types.

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    Hello Armando.

    I finished and solve this problem. I put TVM module on one of free outputs on RPM module. Then, under Module Type Setup I have choose label "Q:4", and theb under Load Type Select I have choose dim option "0-10V". After that, I have possibility to dim LED strip.

    Thanks for your reply.

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