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Hello All,We appreciate all of the posts and feedback regarding LED compatibility issues with Lutron dimming controls. Unfortunately, there is very little industry standardization to how LED's are being manufactured at the moment and as such there are frequent changes made to LED products by the manufacturer that change their overall performance when a dimming signal is applied to them. We have an entire team here at Lutron that does nothing but tests LED's against our dimming controls so we can provide as many recommendations for compatible LED's as possible to our customers. They keep our online LED Compatibility Tool @ www.Lutron.com/LEDFinder up to date with the latest tested and passing lamps as well as removing ones that have been identified to have characteristics changed about the lamp itself from when we tested it here at Lutron. If there is ever an LED lamp that is listed on our online compatibility tool that is being utilized with the listed dimmer that is not performing adequately, we would advise either calling in to our 24/7 technical support group @ 1-888-Lutron1 (588-7661) or email in to LEDS@Lutron.com with the information on the LED lamp and dimming control being used. The best way to determine if there is a functional issue with the Lutron dimmer or if LED compatibility is taking place would be to remove just one of the LED lamps and replace with an incandescent or halogen lamp. If this stabilizes the dimming of the remaining LED lamps it confirms there is an incompatibility between the LED lamp and Lutron dimmer. If the issue remains with the incandescent or halogen lamp in place, there is a good chance there is something up with the dimmer, in which case we would advise giving us a call here at Lutron technical support for us to process and RMA for a replacement dimmer. We appreciate the continued interest in Lutron dimming and switching controls and look forward to assisting with any issues that may arise with our products. Thanks,Justin F. (Lutron Technical Support)
I understand your position, you can only verify the system works with certain bulbs. However some of us have this issue after a period of time. I have two dimmers that I bought about 3 months apart that worked fine initially and for about a year and then started displaying this issue ( the second one a few months after the other). It seems like this is something that can happen over time. Perhaps when the bulbs get older they have more issues? In any case I'm glad I held back buying more switches. I hope that you make a more definitive statement.