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Thread: C4 controller with Lutron light switches/dimmers?

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    C4 controller with Lutron light switches/dimmers?

    I am not so sure if this is the right forum, so if this is the wrong question, please let me know where to post it.

    I have the following requirements for a home automation:

    1. Integrate Nest Thermostat
    2. Control Separate multi-speed fan via Nest
    3. Control fireplace via Nest
    4. Control lights around the home
    5. Set lighting moods
    6. Control A/V components via one remote

    To make it all work, I need to do some conditional programming. The most challenging part is to have Nest control both my Fan (in summer), and my fireplace (in winter). Currently Nest either controls the AC, or heater, and my fan and fireplace have manual switches. I'd like to connect them, so in the summer when Nest starts the AC, it should start the fan too, and in the Winter, when it starts the heater, to start the fireplace as well.

    To my knowledge, only Control 4, or maybe Crestron could do this.... Nothing Lutron provides could be doing this. Now, I REALLY like Lutron dimmers and switches, way nicer than what Control4 provides... is there a way to easily integrate the two? So, Control 4 to be the Hub/central control and to control Lutron dimmers and lights, plus Nest, and Control 4 fan switch?

    If so, which Lutron dimmers/products are needed to make this happen? and what procedures should be followed?


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    If you want Nest to control fan or fireplace. You have two options,

    1. Get Lutron CCI interface, wire it up to Nest or your furnace, and then program Lutron to turn on fan or fireplace switch.

    2. Get some relays and wire fan and fireplace to these relays, so that Nest will be controlling relays which will turn fan/fireplace on/off directly, without any programming.

    With the first option, you can use Lutron switch for fireplace, and Lutron's 4 speed fan control for the fan.

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    Control4 can also integrate to and control RadioRa2 or HomeWorks QS systems containing dimmers you can use for your application. You can have a repeater/processor and some dimmers in the space. For further information on how this can be done, please work wiht your local Lutron representative. If you are unfamiliar on who this may be and are interested in this solution, please provide us with your zip code.

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