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Thread: encountered an unexpected error

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    encountered an unexpected error

    I'm seeing this error every time I try to run homeworks 8.1.0
    Support info: PID=3172, Runtime2.cpp@52

    Any ideas?

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    We have not seen somethign like this occur before. We would recommend right clicking the HomeWorks QS icon and running the program as an administrator. If that does not work, try the steps from the post below. If you are then still having issues, please provide us with a screen shot, a support file if its possible to get that far (help->support->create support file), and also give us the windows error event logs (steps at the end of this post).

    The logs from Windows event viewer:
    1. Click Start , in the search bar, type "Event Viewer"
    2. Expand Windows Logs
    3. Right-click the Application log file
    4. Click Save All Events As .
    5. Type a name for the file, and click Save .
    6. Select the option to “Display information for these languages”

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