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Thread: Combination of incandescent/ LED on ELV dimmer

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    Combination of incandescent/ LED on ELV dimmer

    I have recently installed some Cree led trims and cans in a bedroom that had a ceiling fan on the existing switch. The way it is wired the light kit of the ceiling fan, which has 3 incandescent lamps, and the 3 led trims are controlled by the same dimmer, a lutron DV600pwh. I am having an issue with the trims making a humming noise and it seems as though many others have had luck using a diva electronic low voltage dimmer to silence these trims. To my knowledge incandescent lamps aren't picky, for lack of a better term, with their type of dimming. Would it be okay to use an electronic low voltage dimmer to dim both types of lighting?

    Thanks for any input

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    Pete F.
    @bma sparky. Our ELV dimmers would have no issues controlling incandescent and LEDs at the same time.

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    Thanks Pete. One more question. How much should the LED trims count against the 300W limit of the dimmer. I have heard that you should multiply the wattage by 4, is that correct. I have 4- 12.5 watt trims and 3- 60 watt incandescent lamps so I think i am okay there.

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    Pete F.
    @bma sparky. As the in rush that LEDs experience varies, we tend to be pretty conservative with our estimates. With that in mind, I agree that you should be fine in your application however, we would not be able to guarantee dimming performance as it has not been tested.

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