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Thread: Access the system on a pc or mac?

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    Access the system on a pc or mac?

    We did an illumination system for a client long time ago. There wasn't any app back at that time, he uses the web browser to control his system. We just did a homeworks QS system for his new place, now he is asking if he can control Homeworks QS on a web browser because he prefer to use a computer than the app on iphone or ipad. I called Lutron tech support, and was told Lutron didn't carry the web browser feature over to Homeworks QS, and I searched app store on mac, I didn't see any app for mac, and I don't think there is any software on pc for client to control the system. So is there a way for my client to control Homeworks QS on a pc or mac?

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    Thank you for the feedback. The web browser from Homeworks Illumination is not available in Homeworks QS.

    Currently we would control the Homeworks QS system from the Home Control + App, which is available for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

    The other control option would be to set up a Telnet connection from a PC or MAC to send string commands. However, this is the third-party control method, and is not homeowner friendly.

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