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Thread: Grafik Eye Shade keypad for lighting scenes?

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    Grafik Eye Shade keypad for lighting scenes?

    We are doing a retrofit RadioRA 2 system so we are utilizing the Grafik Eye because the home owner did not like 5 switches by the front door (and we couldn't move the wires). However he does not want to have to lift the lid to adjust individual lights. So my thinking is program each of the 5 keypad buttons for individual light loads. Then use 1 row shade keypad to 3 lighting scenes. He does not have any shades. I don't want to order the faceplate with the shade keypad (not engraved for shades) if this won't work. If we can't I will have to tell him we only have the 5 buttons to use for lights, create scenes and let him flip the lid for individual control (have not promised him anything...).

    I am able to program the shade keypad for lighting scenes in the RadioRA 2 software but I am not on site and do not have the faceplate with the shades keypad to transfer and test.

    Does anyone know if the lighting scenes programed on the shades keypad will work?


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    The "shade columns" on the GE in RA2 can be programmed for lighting loads as you described.
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    Thank you. I figured that was the case but didn't want to install, program, etc only to find out it doesn't work!

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