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Thread: Wake up?

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    Wake up?

    On a recently commissioned HWQS system there is integration with a 3rd party A/V controller (RTI).

    RTI controls lights and shades in 2 room through HWQS processor via IP.

    We are experiencing issues where HWQS is not responding to commands from RTI controller until the same command is executed on the Room’s HWQS keypad or Pico controller (RTI is controlling lights via Pico > RF 0-10V dimmer AND shades via HQWD- Keypad)

    Once the lights or shades in a room have been operated via HWQS, the RTI controller commands to HWQSwork without issue

    Thoughts on where to look for issues?

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    What is RTI sending to the processor? If you send the same thing in "Tools->Terminal", does it work? If, for example, RTI is sending a "Press" (,3 at the end of the string), try a "Release" (,4 at the end of the string).

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