Greetings. I'm a general layman, trying to get this setup to work in my house. I have a 7-can flood circuit in my kitchen, in a home I've had for a few years. I'm trying to switch to LED lighting, after using CFL (which I didn't like) for a while.

I bought CREE BR-30's last year, and tried using them with a standard dimmer for a while. I did have one light that flickered some, and ended up unscrewing it to turn it off (the loss of 1 light wasn't so bad). This worked for several months however recently a 2nd light started flickering. Knowing that I had a dimmer that wasn't made for LED's, I sought one out. I have somewhat nonstandard wallplates, and was looking for something that would fit my plate - in this case a "standard" light switch. So I got an Ariadni dimmer, which is supposed to work with these (they're on the compatibility list).

However the performance is no better - if not worse. One or two of the lights are always flickering, and often one of them even just goes out!

I've read a few things online, and one thing I note is that true LED dimmers are supposed to utilize the neutral input, in order to properly detect phase. However I notice that the Lutron dimmers (at least the Ariadni and Maestro) don't.

Can anyone help with this? Is there a Lutron dimmer that's better for LED - e.g. that uses the neutral input?


(P.S. This is for a single-pole circuit)