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Thread: 5 buttons pico and pico engraving ?

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    5 buttons pico and pico engraving ?

    I know one can drop 3 buttons picos with raise and lower and get 5 buttons to program. But I was under the impression that a release with these picos was on the way ? The thing is I forget to use these.

    Oh. And what is in the way of enabling hold actions ? I mean raise and lower work this way ?

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    We have a 4-button pico now available. In HomeWorks QS, you can program any button with a press and release, but you will not be able to perform hold programmings with the PICO on the current versions of software.

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    (Really !?)

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    No I can't. I misread the post. Is it something we can expect to become possible in future versions of the software ?

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