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Thread: ELAN Integration with HWQS

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    ELAN Integration with HWQS

    I am having an issue integrating an ELAN HC6 controller with a Homeworks QS system over IP. Both systems are setup with static IP addresses and the ELAN system should simply discover all of the devices on the Lutron QS system; when I attempt to discover the system from the ELAN side I am only able to see about 60% of the loads, all of the keypads import fine but some of the loads are not discovered. There does not seem to be any discernible pattern to which loads are not imported and I don't know if this is an ELAN issue or a Lutron issue. Has anyone run into this problem integrating with ELAN or any other interface?

    Lutron Equipment:
    2x HWQS processors
    15x Wired Keypads
    2x Power Panels with assorted modules



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    Have you seen this document explaining what devices from lutron are compatible

    Im not familiar with this but seems like maybe the loads on the RPM modules may not be discovered. The doc does list devices that are compatible

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